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Domain services, cloud hosted froxlor and more

Get your webhosting business started with services provided by froxlor's lead developer.

Planned services

Cloud solutions

Managed servers with pre-installed and configured froxlor are just a click away - you can get started with your hosting in minutes.
Enjoy a reliable, secure and efficient environment for you and your customers.

Domain handling

Comfortably register domains that will be added to your panel automatically. Manage your domainnames, dns-entries and contact-handles freely either via webinterface or API. You can add your own nameservers or use our provided infrastructure.


Everybody needs a bit of help sometimes - with many years of experience in linux servers and froxlor you can always count on dependable and rapid solutions to your issue.

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Questions and answers

Is froxlor staying OpenSource?

The server management panel continues as an OpenSource project and profits from additional attention.
As usual, froxlor can be obtained, installed and used free of charge.

Who is behind

Michael Kaufmann (d00p), lead developer of froxlor, got himself a few helping hands. With a versatile new team behind we are developing and providing services supporting the OpenSource project froxlor.

When does the service start?

Use the form above to receive more information and announcements about the services via email in the future, or send us a message to

What is the idea of

Our goal is to create a platform by providing reliable cloud services, simple domain administration and competent support, which simplifies and completes web hosting with froxlor.

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